Frequently Asked Questions:

Our recitals are held in the theatres of local Collegiates. These facilities are large and very accommodating and it keeps the costs down for parents.

Our recreational costume costs vary from class to class. For our younger dancers we utilize the colourful uniform leotards and thus keep the cost under $45.00. Our older dancers costumes range between $40.00-$90.00. All combo and jazz/tap classes generally wear one costume for all routines.

Absolutely not!! If you want to learn to dance then we will find the right class for you. Generally every class is based on age and ability. It is very important to the students to fit in socially. We keep our classes to a one year span up until age 7 and a two year span for students over 8. We offer classes for students as young as three right up to adult. For every class we have a beginners level as well as a more experienced group. If you are unsure as to where you fit in please feel free to call or come for a visit.

Our weekly classes run from mid September through mid June. Each class receives 35 lessons in the year. Holidays are not included. We have divided our fees into 5 equal installments which are due Sept, Nov, Jan, Mar, and May 1st by post-dated cheque or pre-authorized credit card. If your child was to become unhappy in the program or you need to withdraw from the school you are only obligated for the pay period we are in at the time. All other post-dated cheques can be picked up.

Each class has a uniform guide which you will be given to you with your registration package. We do have a mandatory dress code. Each class is defined by a different leotard colour for girls. This also becomes the base of their year end recital costume. Male students are required to wear a white shirt and black pants. See our uniform guide.

All classes are closed to parents so teachers and students can retain their focus without distraction. You are able to view the class via a closed circuit monitor. Parent Observation Days are held before the Christmas Break. Parents are encouraged to attend with both video and still cameras.

That is entirely up to you. If your schedule is busy and you are looking for a recreational program we can schedule you in for one or two classes weekly. If you want more from dance and can commit to more classes, we can accommodate that too!

Jacqueline's School of Dance has been the recipient of the prestigious Ajax Pickering News Advertiser Readers Choice Award for the Best Dance Studio for seven out of the nine years with 2012 being our most recent win. Our competitive teams dance every year in competitions in southern Ontario as well as out of province. Their individual successes are too many to list here, but we would love you to visit our studio and see the awards and accomplishments of our troupe. Last year a number of our dancers were featured on television too!

Our success has been due to a number of factors, but primarily because we treat each and every one of our dancers and their families equally and enthusiastically. We are committed to detail and have positioned Jacqueline's to offer top quality dance instruction at a fair and reasonable price. Most importantly, we recognize that your child is coming to us every week to have fun, learn, and feel good about themselves.

The dance studio is open seven days a week. On Monday to Friday (Labour Day -mid June), we are open 4:00pm - 9:30pm, Saturdays we open from 8:30am to 4:30pm. and Sundays we are open 9:00am - 1:30pm .Please feel free to drop in for a tour and please bring your dancer. We would love to meet both of you. At this time we will be happy to give you further information on prices, schedules and uniforms. We are also available by phone during the day at 905-420-7399.

Fall registration is over, new information coming soon or simply email/call us.

We do offer competitive programs for dancers 6 years and up. The instructors select dancers from the recreational stream to train 4 plus hours a week. We attend 3 to 4 competitions a year. We would be happy to arrange an evaluation and meeting with Jacqueline. We are extremely proud of our elite dance team and welcome new members.

JSOD has found a healthy balance between fun and the discipline of dance . Our instructors provide an enthusiastic environment allowing the dancers the opportunity to have fun while being challenged. Our recreational students can enroll in one class per week or as many as they wish. Our "open door to all those who wish to dance" philosophy remains strong.

We offer classes on both a recreational and a competitive level in several different disciplines. Our Twinkle-Toes dancers start as young as three years old.

Children are prepared for exams during their regular classes. No additional classes need to be taken. Dancers are encouraged to practice. Watching your child at home and cheering them on is very helpful. We are happy to share the music for the routine.

The class uniform is the dress requirement. Having the uniform neat and without pulls or holes in the tights. Hair in a bun with no bangs

The dancers receive a written report. These reports are given out during the next class following the conclusion of the exams. In September, certificates and medals are sent to the studio. Each exam level has a medal of achievement. In the advanced levels there are trophies and plaques awarded to the dancers.

All season your child has been training under the BATD syllabus. This invitation comes because your child's teacher has confidence your child will succeed. No student will be asked to participate in exams unless they are 100% ready. The dancers feel an enormous sense of accomplish for reaching these goals. Self-confidence is gained. As a parent you feel confident your child is meeting the standards set out by our dance association.

The examineer is on a five week tour. It is impossible to schedule all students in the evening times. This is an educational activity and most if not all teachers highly recommend participation. We are very mindful when scheduling.