Jacqueline has been involved in dance education for well over 35 years. As a member of the British Association of Teacher's of Dance, Paula Morgan Technique system, Acrobatic Arts, Twinkle Star Dance TM. She is well versed in all disciplines of dance and the technique attached. Jacqueline continues to train with master teachers all over Canada and the USA.

Since 2007 Jacqueline has been training with L.A. dance guru Paula Morgan in her method of developing dancers technically sound yet safe. Along with her teaching credentials Jacqueline holds her E.C.E. diploma from Centennial College. Combining her knowledge of dance and child development has given Jacqueline's School of Dance an advantage in programming.

Jacqueline opened JSOD in 1984. Under her direction JSOD students have enjoyed many uccesses winning numerous National and International titles, scholarships and awards. Personally Jacqueline has been the recipient of many choreography awards. Many of her dancers have gone on to study at the National Ballet School of Canada, Randolph Academy of the Performing Arts, George Brown College, Ryerson and York University and many enjoy successful careers performing at Canada's Wonderland, musicals, music videos, industrials, commercials, television shows, movies as well as teaching and choreographing. Jacqueline is extremely proud to have six graduating students on faculty including her two daughters.

JSOD is a family. Dance is a true passion. Creating and telling stories through movement are limitless. Jacqueline's spirit and enthusiasm for developing new ideas keep her dancers inspired to enhance and strengthen their technique.

Jacqueline wishes everyone a very happy journey in dance. Have fun!! "Participation is the prize. The awards, costumes and stage performances are just bonuses."