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The JSOD Competitive Elite Dance Team consists of over 120 dancers chosen to represent the studio at competitions throughout Ontario, Quebec and internationally. The dancers compete in productions, groups, duet/trios and solos. JSOD attends four competitions yearly. The team has successfully shown high standards bringing home numerous awards and scholarships. The dancers train a minimum of four hours a week. Qualified students will have a program designed to meet their needs and interests.

The dancers on our competitive teams are selected by their instructors out of the regular stream. Selection starts as young as six. The students take from three to nine classes per week. Ballet is a must to participate in this elite program. Ballet gives the dancers a strong foundation. A program is planned for each student meeting their individual needs and interests. These young people learn much more than the art of dance. They experience life skills which will help them throughout their lives. Skills like commitment, team work, success and disappointment.

JSOD also offers a mentor program where advanced dancers work with younger dancers in groups as well as one to one, big sister-little sister. This has proved to be a very effective method of teaching and team building.

We are proud of our Elite Dancers for their successes over the years. During this past year the dancers have brought home over 250 medals, ribbons and trophies. Congratulations dancers!!! Keep up the great work.

If you are interested in our competitive program, please contact us, we will be more than happy to arrange a personal meeting to discuss the possibility.

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