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Each spring, Jacqueline's School of Dance prepares students to be tested by an accredited examiner from the British Associateion of Teacher's of Dancing (BATD). While it is your final decision as to whether your child participates in the exams, we findthat the feeling of accomplishment is of great benefit for the child. The BATD examines in all branches: ballet, jazz, tap and acro.

Frequently asked questions:

Why is it necessary or important to participate in the dance exams?   

All season your child has been training under the BATD syllabus.  This invitation comes because your child's teacher has confidence your child will succeed.  No student will be  asked to participate in exams unless they are 100% ready.  The dancers feel an enormous sense of accomplish for reaching these goals.  Self-confidence is gained.  As a parent you feel  confident your child is meeting the standards set out by our dance association.  

Why are exams run during school hours? 

The examineer is on a five week tour.  It is impossible to schedule all students in the evening times.  This is an educational activity and most if not all teachers highly recommend participation. We are very mindful when scheduling.

What will my child receive after taking the exam?         

The dancers receive a written report.  These reports are given out during the next class following the conclusion of the exams.  In September, certificates and medals are sent to the  studio.  Each exam level has a medal of achievement.  In the advanced levels there are trophies and plaques awarded to the dancers. 

What is the dress code?

The class uniform is the dress requirement. Having the uniform neat and without pulls or holes in the tights. Hair in a bun with no bangs

Are there extra reheasals? Can we help at home?

Children are prepared for exams during their regular classes. No additional classes need to be taken. Dancers are encouraged to practice. Watching your child at home and cheering them on is very helpful. We are happy to share the music for the routine.

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