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These classes offer a strong focus on traditional and current ballet disciplines in technique and movement to classical ballet music. Dancers will learn barre
work, center floor work and across the floor combinations in all grades, Primary through Advanced.

Dancers will be placed in appropriate grades based on instructor's recommendation according to individual level of ability.

Ballet - 7 years and older. Classical ballet taught under the British Association of Teacher's of Dance syllabus.
Pointe - 12 years and up. Classical ballet on the full toe. Must audition for the class.

For our 3 - 6 year olds

Twinkle-Toes - 3 & 4 years olds learn the basics of ballet, coordination and rhythm through creative dance and song and dance routines.
Combo I and II - 4-6 years olds. In this special class the dancers experience ballet, jazz and tap. This gives them a clear understanding of the three types of dance through their own experience and at one cost to mum and dad.

Twinkle Toes and Combo I and II classes have been specifically designed for children 3-6 years meeting their needs both physically and mentally. We are proud to be a licenced Angelina Ballerina Dance Studio TM. Jacqueline developed this program using her knowledge and experience as a Dance Instructor, Early Childhood Educator and a mother.

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